Before the content itself, when we browse a website, the first thing we perceive is its visual impact. Designing a beautiful website that works visually is important. We offer you several tips that you should not forget.

Tip: Design A Logo And Corporate Colors.

Define your brand branding from the start of your web design. Choose corporate colors that are consistent with your brand image and apply them to web design. Always try to look for clean and structured designs for good user experience, and don’t forget details like the favicon so that your brand is visually defined from the search engine results.

Tip: Manage A Design Compatible With Web Speed.

A beautiful website will be useless if it is difficult and slow to navigate. Choose the content manager that suits your type and quantity of a product and use plugins or add-ons that can help reduce loading speed.

Tip: Enter Very Intuitive Images And Widgets.

For image management, you can use platforms like Canva or programs like Photoshop, which will allow you to do almost everything so that your website has a visual, current, and attractive design.

The calls to action with colorful and seductive buttons or using social widgets or user interaction will make your website work better visually and UX level.

Tip: Simple And Easy Web Structure.

We always associate a visual website with an easy-to-use website so that we can return to the previous step or scroll and upload it to the beginning in an agile way. In other words, the user must be able to move quickly through an online store or a website, which makes it easier for them to find what they are looking for quickly and pleasantly.

To do this, design appropriate web architecture with consistent internal linking that makes it easy to jump from one point to another on the page. The web designers will help you define an optimal web page structure for your project.

Tip: Optimize Your Website At The Audiovisual level.

To do this, you can use the use of sliders on the home page or include playable videos at strategic points that are considered of interest to the user.

Place grids or strips of images and include more options for viewing the product, such as zooms or detail of images, so that your website is almost better than being in a store or in a physical establishment. Your users will thank you!