We have already seen the steps to create a professional blog and its importance for our project. However, to develop a blog that generates an improvement in our web positioning, we leave you here some simple but essential recommendations for the SEO of a blog.
We are clear about why implementing a professional blog and, one of its most important aspects, is its importance at the SEO level, that is, as support to position our website. Let’s see what steps the SEO strategy for a blog must follow.
As In Any Marketing Approach, We Must Define Our Target Audience And Approach Their Interests.

Both through digital tools and audience and competition study, we must know what content our potential followers are interested in.
It’s About Content Marketing

That is, in a blog, what matters will be sharing and displaying valuable content, but not in any way, but in the context of a Content Marketing strategy, which in turn implies following the commandments of SEO.
This brings us to the following points.
Keywords Study

The contents of our blog must include the keywords or groups of keywords that our audience is looking for. Spend the time and resources necessary to do good keyword research before publishing and, when you do, include the appropriate terms that favor positioning, because it will help increase both visits to the web and the results shown in search engines.
A Blog Is User Experience

What better UX to offer users the content they want, so that they can browse and consult everything that interests them with a correct internal link building.
We must pay attention to the internal links and their anchor texts, to favor the navigation of users but also the interpretation of the bots, which will influence the global ranking of our website.
How Many Words? How Often?

There are diverse opinions, but reality shows that it depends on the type of blog and the content. A range of 500-3000 words is generally considered reasonable.

Regarding the frequency of publication, the more a website is updated and, therefore, a blog, the better it will result in SEO and web positioning.
Responsibility And Experience

In short, it is the most important thing. Publish responsibly, with proven sources, pull experts, and don’t forget to take care of your users.

To do this, it facilitates the actions of sharing with social buttons and enables comments. In short, take care of your audience!