There are several options that lead us to start an SEO strategy on our website, company, or business. One of them is that organic search drives almost 95% of all internet traffic, and digital marketing is becoming much more profitable than investing in traditional marketing due to the impact of generating potential customers for our business niche. For this reason, we consider that it is interesting to lay the foundations for a correct and very methodical SEO strategy so as not to fall into errors that can later be fatal.
Initial Analysis

When starting an SEO campaign, we start by delving deeply into the target company, its website, the industry, and the current competitive landscape. By doing this, we can make some rough estimates of how much time and work it will take to conquer the desired top of Google.

After having an idea of ​​where you are with your website and rankings, we will carry out a keyword search to find the most demanded terms for the business. Here we will find the keywords, by which the competitors rank best, as well as their filtering and analysis.


Reaching the top positions of Google is impossible without building quality links. Link building is a very serious aspect to keep in mind. We must acquire links from authorized websites and trusted publishers. We will always do an audit of current backlinks pro if we find low-quality links, and we should do a little cleaning. Then we will start the link building process.
Improve UX

The user experience has a massive impact on almost every aspect of your business, including conversions, rankings, bounce rates, brand reputation, etc. Therefore, it is crucial for your website to meet Google’s high UX standards to take care of web page navigation or speed.